What is in a name

Must it remain the same

When it causes so much discomfort and pain

And one of the people who gave it to you is to blame

It’s a shame



Identity through words that hold little meaning

Gender identification, jobs, lifestyles, importance

All the assumptions are quite demeaning

I want this name dead…I will not be grieving

So long I desired this…thought I could only dream it



I want to replace my name, my past, my future, my world

I want to heal from the pain I hear when they whisper those words

I want to move on from a distant, brutal past that no one has heard

Into a new beginning with a name that represents freedom I’ve earned



What is in a name?

A defined role thrust upon you by its creator

And while many accept it as is, no question

I have to challenge tradition to elevate and be greater

Changing names, changing meaning, changing my fate here

No regrets…my path is cleared

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